Hi, I am Karen Davidge – founder of Intentional Physiotherapy. Nothing prepared me for the physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual changes that came with pregnancy and birth! I was also genuinely shocked at how difficult it was to get sound, safe and up to date postnatal information and guidance!

I founded Intentional Physiotherapy out my passion and the sense of responsibility I feel as a healthcare professional to provide mums with the much needed postnatal care, information and support.

“The kind of support I SO wish I had during my pregnancy and after birth!”

Every women has a core and pelvic floor, whether you have had children or not. As women we deserve a strong core and a pelvic floor that works. Now as a postnatal physiotherapist I work holistically with mums and strongly believe that we are not just a physical body that should ‘LOOK’ a certain way.

“We are so much more than that and for every women to feel strong, energetic and truly happy is what is MOST important!”

If you choose to start on the Intentionally.u. package with me. I work alongside you, not just to treat symptoms, but by really getting to the heart of YOU, your body and your wellness. It is time that you stop feeling tired, moody, lethargic, like you’re “just getting through the day”, achy or unhappy about your body ..

“ its time for you to flourish, strengthen and find balance.”

Let me help you – Lets begin your Journey together ………..